20 Lotion Gift Sets That Your Friends Will Thank You For

My gifting philosophy is pretty simple: useful but make it cute. That means I only want to give my friends and family presents that they’ll actually use, hopefully, every day or at least regularly. And a useful or practical present doesn’t have to be completely boring. It’s all about presentation, right?

This year especially, I’m zeroing in on the self-care market. I’m exclusively looking for gifts that will help my loved ones relax and unwind because, well, it’s been a year. Because everyone has their own self-care methods, I’m hitting up all sorts of gifting categories. For my friends who like to de-stress by working out, I’m going the fitness gifts route. For others who use reading as their key to escape, books are a no-brainer. And for loved ones who have a specific unwinding nighttime routine, you really can’t go wrong with some skincare.

Skincare can be tricky to gift because you’ve got to keep the receiver’s skin type and needs in mind or at least have access to their shelves, but I find you can never go wrong with a lotion gift set. It’s so easy because it’s all curated for you and is most likely a collection of best sellers, so you know they won’t disappoint. Plus, most don’t require any extra bells and whistles when it comes to wrapping. All you need to do is add to cart and sit back in satisfaction that you’ve got your gifting to-do list all set.

Take a look at some lotion gift sets below that you’ll definitely want to consider.

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