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5 Easy, Chic Ways to Style an Outfit in 2021

The trend cycle used to last six months to a year but now looks go in and out of style in weeks. While the temptation to buy into each passing trend is very real, we suggest putting your hard-earned money towards timeless basics and styling them out with a selection of on-trend pieces and accessories. These subtle details and “microtrends” can breathe new life into your wardrobe for a fraction of the price. 

For example, picking up a chocolate brown slip skirt or a sweater vest for the winter season will add a trendy element to your existing outfits into 2021. In addition to ’70s-inspired browns and layered sweaters, read up on the easy, chic ways to style an outfit in the new year below. 

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Grant McNamara Has Created a Business Being a Concierge for Grooms – WWD

Grant McNamara could have been filling cavities in kids’ teeth, but he decided to ditch the idea of dental school to try his hand in fashion instead.

And three years ago, the Chicago native found his niche: styling grooms for their upcoming weddings. The business was rapidly gaining momentum until the pandemic led to an abrupt pause in the number of ceremonies. But McNamara is poised for what he expects to be a flurry of events in the near future as weddings and other special occasions are rescheduled. And he’ll be ready.

McNamara has had a love of fashion since he was a child. “Style was always important to us growing up,” he said, adding that his mother insisted that his clothes had to be ironed before he left the house.

But his initial path was down a different road. He got a communications degree in college and worked at a commercial real estate company after graduation. He quit that job on his 24th birthday when an opportunity arose to help a local fashion designer run his business. McNamara did everything from modeling to revamping the web site and realized that he’d found his calling. “I knew then that this

10 Traits To Look Forward To This Spring

Most women choose to look her finest. You can also use stylish sun shades within the sports world and might carry a whole lot of advantages for athletes and sportsmen. You will be ensured that your eyes will not get injured in activities due to the impression proof and shatter resistant lenses that they have. Whereas taking a look at athlete’s who are sporting these trendy sunglasses will make them look cool and have their very own distinctive look. You’ll be able to add a bit of style and look fabulous while sporting trendy sun shades for baseball, boating, golf, and other sports activities.

prepared-to-wear – also referred to as prêt-à-porter. Established designers create prepared-to-put on collections, produced in relatively small numbers. Superdry clothes complies with the international standards; the issue is that other clothing corporations do not. Superdry additionally use letter codes, so there should be a look up table to convert a measurement from Small, to chest dimension or women’s costume dimension. In case you’ve looked on their website you would have observed that there is not such a helpful desk wherever to be discovered. I’ve developed a Superdry dimension chart.

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12 Cute Cabin Outfit Ideas

One of the best parts of each season is the weather-related trips planned around them—from beach vacations in the warmer months to snowy ski resorts during the winter. While the current COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our ability to travel in many ways, there are still a few getaway options we can take advantage of this year. One of the options many of us have been utilizing is the cabin trip: getting a little change of scenery while spending most of the time outdoors.

While packing for a cabin trip may seem difficult (between the weather forecast and the activity schedule), it actually only requires a few key items to ensure you’re prepared for a cozy, relaxing getaway. From puffer vests to chunky boots to sweat sets, below are 12 cute cabin outfit ideas that each include a key item to add to your weekender bag. Depending on your agenda, you may need to add a few other items, but using this list as a general starting point will have you pretty safely covered. 

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The Prime 20 Developments For Spring

Rockstars have their very own unique fashion sense. SHIRTS BEGINNING AT $25 EVERY WHILE YOU PURCHASE 4 OR EXTRA: Select types and colours. Excludes Exceptional Worth gadgets. Must purchase four qualifying objects to get the lower per unit value. Further qualifying objects may be bought for the lower per unit price. If qualifying item(s) are returned, and fewer than four qualifying items are saved, the remainder should be returned or purchased on the greater per unit worth. Ends September thirteen, 2020 11:59 p.m. CT. Design: Men’s casual and formal garments are often sober in comparison with their female counterparts that are available varied fantasy world impressed designs. Since women are extra delicate than men, their clothes additionally reflect this in terms of designs. Women’s clothes might include fairy inspired equipment, furs, glitters and extra that make women extra conspicuous.

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The 7 Biggest Home Trends of 2020 – WWD

As home has become the place for essentially everything this year — office, gym, lounge area — it was inevitable that consumers would invest what disposable income they could on home furnishings and decor. Just as there were quarantine fashion trends to emerge this year, here WWD spotlights seven of the biggest home trends of 2020.


1. Glam Games

High profile designers got into gaming — a popular quarantine activity — with elevated designs on these classics.

Jonathan Adler Tiger Lacquer Card Set

Jonathan Adler’s Tiger Lacquer card set. 
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Louis Vuitton Billiards Table

2020 Home Trends Louis Vuitton Billiards Table

Louis Vuitton’s billiards table. 
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Ralph Lauren Home Fowler Chess Set

2020 Home Trends

Ralph Lauren Home’s Fowler chess set. 
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2. Pillow Talk

Your home’s most important seating area deserved accent pillows with easy comfort and style.

Hermès Avalon Terre d’H Pillow

2020 Home Trends Hermès Avalon Terre d'H Pillow

Hermès’ Avalon Terre d’H pillow. 
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Jonathan Cohen Multi Color Fabric Felted Pillows

2020 Home Trends Jonathan Cohen Multi Color Fabric Felted Pillows

Jonathan Cohen’s multicolored fabric felted pillows. 
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Overland Argentine Cowhide Pillow

2020 Home Trends

Overland’s Argentine cowhide pillow. 
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3. Bright Colors

Colorful mood-boosting, vibrant accents helped bring positivity into the home.

Dior Dessert Plates

2020 Home Trends Dior Dessert Plates

Dior’s dessert plates. 
Courtesy photo


K.Haring Glass by Higher Standards Tray

2020 Home Trends K.Haring Glass by Higher Standards Tray

K.Haring’ Glass Collection