Day: November 13, 2020

8 Easy Staples California Women Wear on Repeat

We routinely turn to Melissa Meyers and her daughter, Rachel Meyers, for stellar style inspiration. In fact, the duo recently shared the fashionable basics they wear on repeat. Well, given that these influencers reside in Los Angeles, we thought there could be interest in learning about the easy and chic pieces that complete their effortless California vibes.

While the pieces in question do run the gamut (some trendier and others more low-key), they’re all highly versatile and could be worthy additions to any wardrobe given their easy-to-style nature. We’re talking everything from items like comfortable shoe picks to fresh denim cuts to sleek tailored pieces.

Keep scrolling to check out the easy staples that complete the wardrobes of the Meyers women. You’ll also find inspired items to shop throughout as well. 

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Jose Neves’ Vision Paying Dividends for Farfetch – WWD

José Neves could have taken a victory lap around Wall Street on Thursday. 

Investors were looking past $500 million in third-quarter net losses at Farfetch to higher sales, new customers, the promise of profitability, gains from the New Guards division and a much more digital future for luxury.

Shares of the digital platform shot up 14.6 percent to $49.51 in aftermarket trading. And that’s just the most recent gain, as the stock is up 76 percent this month and has increased more than 500 percent from a year ago, when investors were feeling shaky about the company’s move away from promotions and starting to own brands itself. 

But when WWD asked Neves, Farfetch’s founder, chairman and chief executive officer, about the stock price, he demurred — as he did when the stock was trading at $8 last year — and zeroed in on his vision for the future of digital luxury fashion.

“We’re focused on our mission so we don’t focus on stock price movements,” Neves said. “We stay steady to our vision to be the global platform for luxury.” 

That focus helped Farfetch last year as it cut back on promotions and accepted a period of slower growth

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