Day: November 20, 2020

The Very Best Skincare Products and Tools I Tried in 2020

When I say that I’m obsessed with skincare, it’s no exaggeration. I had problem skin back in high school and spent many hours in the dermatologist’s office figuring out ways to combat acne. It took a lot of work, but years into it, we found a combination of treatments that got my skin clear again. After spending so much time getting my skin back to a good place, I don’t take clear skin for granted and have since put a bit of time into maintaining it.

Now, my skin concerns are less about acne and more about maintaining a youthful glow, while preventing sunspots and wrinkles. I take a lot of time to chat with experts in the industry—from doctors to aestheticians to beauty insiders—to find out the best skincare products and tools that come with glowing recommendations and have been lucky enough to try out many for myself. Ahead, I’m sharing the ones that I can personally vouch for and I’m spilling the details on exactly why I can’t live without them.

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Exactly What to Buy on Black Friday Shopping According to Experts – WWD

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the outlook for the 2020 holiday shopping season, leading to retailers changing their sales plans and offering Black Friday-like deals earlier than ever.

Although the pandemic has seen consumer shopping in flux as many have faced financial hardships over the last nine months, retail experts predict consumer spending will stay relatively the same as last year given that extended sales periods will give shoppers more deals and opportunities to save.

“What is surprising is that more people are planning on spending the same amount of money as last year,” said Sara Skirboll, senior director of marketing and communications at RetailMeNot. “And that’s surprising because of the economic uncertainties and people not necessarily shopping in stores as much. But what they’re trying to do is spend the same amount of money as last year to create a sense of normalcy for their families.”

RetailMeNot estimates Black Friday will be the highest spending day in the 2020 holiday shopping season, with Americans spending an average of $249 each.

Overall, retail experts see shoppers taking advantage of the extended Black Friday shopping period and spending as little time in-store as possible. RetailMeNot’s data shows that