Day: December 1, 2020

30 Amazon Winter Fashion Picks I Love

If you look deep, deep into the Amazon abyss, past those nagging reminders to subscribe and save on your dog’s dry food and the random niche items, you can find some surprisingly good fashion. And I don’t mean the middle-of-the-road basics that are virtually everywhere. I’m talking about the kind of pieces that pack a wow factor yet have an everyday practicality (aka Zara’s expertise). 

It takes a little bit of finessing and extensive online shopping know-how to hit the goldmine of trendy finds, but they are there; from those dainty, knit sets sending Instagram ablaze, to an iteration of that shoulder bag Bella Hadid couldn’t stop wearing. Since I realize most people may have more pressing matters to get to (like say binge watching The Crown), rather than spending an entire evening digging into the depths of Amazon, I did the heavy lifting for you. Below, my favorite trend-forward fashion picks money can buy—with two-day shipping of course.

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Dinosaur Designs Wins Australian Fashion Laureate Lifetime Achievement – WWD

SYDNEY — Australian jewelry and homewares brand Dinosaur Designs has won the 2020 Australian Fashion Laureate Lifetime Achievement Award.

The announcement was made Tuesday Sydney time during a lunch at Catalina Restaurant overlooking the city’s Rose Bay.

Launched in 1985 by Louise Olsen, Stephen Ormandy and Liane Rossler as a means of paying their way through art school by selling jewelry made from modeling clay and clothes in Sydney’s Paddington Markets, the trio soon ditched the clothes to focus on jewelry and switched to the company’s now signature crafted resin, adding homewares several years later. Rossler departed the business in 2010.

Dinosaur Designs sells to 130 stockists in 17 countries, with 10 of its own stores in Australia, London and New York. All manufacturing is done in Sydney.

“It’s such an honor and it’s so lovely to be recognized after so many years. It’s been a fantastic journey,” said Olsen, who, like her husband Ormandy, is also an exhibited artist. As a duo, their Dinosaur Designs pieces have been shown in art galleries all over Australia, as well as in London, New York and Tokyo.

Previous Lifetime Achievement winners include Australian Fashion Week founder Simon Lock, InStyle editor

5 Fall Trend Suggestions Journal

Considering the alarming growth of the fashion trade and the resultant brilliant future prospects within the field of trend design, it’s worthwhile to consider being geared up with the requisite abilities. Style Designer and Art Director for important worldwide Style Houses as Luciano Soprani, Allegri, Les Copains, Luciano Barbera, Solleciti Fur. Personal Website. Art Curator and president of the cultural association Risekult based in Milan, writer and artwork director of Risekult Artwork E-book publication for collectors about contemporary artwork. The fashions may intimidate because what they wear is beyond a traditional image. Avant-garde style means a bit little bit of theatre. Most of the time, the clothes cannot be worn in the street as a result of they belong to a flamboyant model. They’re very revolutionary and could be a bit stunning. By some means, this type doesn’t refer only to style. It means a mixture between fashion and avant-garde trend teaches women to have a sure perspective.

Why? If you observe Caro on Instagram ( @carodaur ) you’ll know that she would not have one specific fashion, she just has enjoyable with style and attire in line with her mood. Which implies she may very well be modelling something …