Year: 2020

12 PCOS Beauty Treatments and Other Fixes That Work

To say that I suffered needlessly for too many years is an understatement, but that is the reality of many women who deal with the symptoms caused by PCOS. Though I was a plant-based vegan for years and even successfully gained back my period after months without a cycle, I was still left with the most obvious and frustrating symptoms of them all. I suffered from constant hormonal acne and hirsutism (facial hair), as my ovaries were producing too many androgens (“male” hormones), and my body was stuck trying to balance itself out. 

Years later, I am still experimenting, and I have naturally conquered my symptoms through simple lifestyle changes. Below are some of the products and methods I have used to successfully manage my skin issues, PMS pain, and sluggishness that came with having PCOS. Remember, this worked for me, but it might not work for you. It’s best to check with your doctor or another healthcare professional who can provide treatment options based on your health history.

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Types exhibits off his dramatic haircut, however keeps it basic in his style choices with a perfect becoming black swimsuit and crisp white shirt. Everybody you see who has an ideal sense of style proper now has gone through this experimentation section sooner or later of their lives and …

Why Luxury Brands Are ‘Putting on a Game Face’ – WWD

Earlier this month, LoL Esports released the viewership data from its annual League of Legends World Championship Final, a live event held in October at Shanghai’s SAIC Motor Pudong Arena. LoL Esports said the final rounds were broadcast in 16 languages and across 21 platforms. The spectacle opened with a presentation by Mastercard that showcased an augmented reality concert by international pop girl group K/DA as well as Louis Vuitton’s LED-enhanced custom trophy case. Inside the case was the Summoner’s Cup. And the trophy ceremony was presented — for the first time — by Mercedes-Benz.

The final matches were between the Suning team from China’s LPL and Damwon Gaming team from Korea’s LCK league. Damwon won three matches to one.

By the numbers, the finals match had an average minute audience, or AMA, of 23.04 million and peak concurrent viewers, or PCU, of 45.95 million. “There were one-plus billion hours of competition watched [live] over the course of the tournament,” noted LoL Esports. “This viewership sets a new record for [for the event] and is an indicator of esports’ increasing appeal.”

And while esports have been around for decades, the event spotlighted professional gaming’s growth in the West —

22 Best Clothing Manufacturers For Males Price Every Penny 2020

Creation of a portfolio is among the most vital points for a dressmaker to make his presence felt and to carve a niche for himself. Tall girls ought to keep away from sporting Girls’s clothing which have bright and wild prints. Wear a distinct colored high than what you put on beneath. Sporting two completely different colors above and below will help break up your peak. Stick with outfits which have both light and dark colors. As much as potential, avoid monochromatic women’s clothing. Tall girls look enticing and interesting with broad belts because it makes their torso appear shorter. A wide belt may be the proper accessory to a simple a-line costume, a skirt, and even trousers. Belts help outline the waist on a tall figured woman so she would not seem like one big infinite mass. When trying to find the precise pair of trousers search for those which have cuffs on the underside. Cuffs on the bottom of your pants will assist make you appear shorter than you truly are.

Get a degree in vogue design. Most applications are three or four years long. FIDM and Parsons are two of the preferred design faculties in the United …

18 Pretty Hair Accessories That Made Us Do a Double Take

I feel like I’ve spent so much time on Instagram this year that it takes something truly special for me to pause from scrolling. Obviously, we’ve all logged more days at home this past year, so by default, we’ve also spent more time on our devices. (I don’t even want to talk about my average screen time.) As a result of all that scrolling, I’ve become pretty immune to Instagram trends. They just don’t have the same effect on me that they used to. They start to feel repetitive quickly thanks to all that screen time I’m clocking.

On the plus side, now when something does catch my eye, I know it’s truly special, and I’ve noticed this most often with hair. A good curtain bang, a vibrant color, or perfectly placed highlights have been gathering in my saved folder as of late along with one other theme: hair accessories. A pretty hair accessory can elevate your everyday strands from average to excellent instantly, and they’re so easy to add to your look. Whether it’s a few clips in the front or a gorgeous scarf wrapped around your head, a hair accessory always stands out. Below, I’ve outlined

An Illustrator in a League of His Own – WWD

In the stratosphere of fashion illustrators, Kenneth Paul Block orbited the others in a different galaxy.

An artist through and through, Block took his role seriously, chronicling well-heeled socialites and the latest creations of American and European designers. Known for his well turned-out, gentlemanly style, with his Dorian Gray-like youthfulness, Block dressed impeccably, favoring an ascot, fresh-pressed shirt, pinpoint perfect jackets and cigarette holders  for his workdays at the easel. The artist, who died at age 84 in 2009, spent nearly four decades working at Women’s Wear Daily.

His graceful strokes captured the elan of the gloved, gowned and neatly suited women of the late Fifties, then evolved into the more fluid styles of the decades that followed. Drawing glamorous women in beautiful clothes was his childhood quest and one that he achieved. “I was never only interested in the clothes. I was more interested in the women in the clothes,” he once told WWD.

Susan Mulcahy, author of “Drawing Fashion: The Art of Kenneth Paul Block,” first met Block in the Eighties and reconnected with him in the early Aughts. Mention of Block reminds her “how contemporary he still is. That is the genius of his art. Some