Day: February 3, 2021

30 Most Influential Trend Designers Of All Time

Fashion conscious skilled ladies share a typical bond that literally transends age, race, faith and careers. Hippie style of the 70s consisted of long hair, brightly colored clothes made in free and flowy materials with unique bold prints and patterns and, bell backside pants. Boho chic is the modern-day variation of the hippie style. Tailored to the modern sentiments this fashion makes use of clothes made from pure materials or issues that are handcrafted. The colourful nature of this model and the free-spirited way may be seen within the relaxed fit of all the clothing belonging to this kind, for eg. the flowing or billowy maxi dress.

Born in Italy, Elsa Schiaparelli got her begin within the vogue world while living in Paris in the 1920s. Her career took off after she introduced her signature hand-knit trompe l’oeil sweater. Schiaparelli also opened her own couture house throughout the ‘20s, and by 1935, she had gained a reputation as a frontrunner of high fashion. Schiaparelli is thought for her simplistic designs with splashes of vibrant colours. She was the first designer to make use of zippers as a notable statement piece. So as to add to her lengthy list of accolades, …

A Closer Look at the Biden and Harris Kin – WWD

Unity is very much the bedrock of the Biden-Harris administration and their blended families are testimony to that. While the newly installed President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and Vice President Kamala Harris need no introductions, their nearest and dearest may not be quite so familiar to the 158.4 million people who cast a ballot in last year’s presidential election.

Here, WWD provides a cheat sheet to the members of the Biden-Harris clans — who we’re likely to see lots of over the next four — or perhaps more — years.

President Joe Biden’s Family

Ashley Biden 

Ashley, 39, is the sole child of President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden. After receiving her undergraduate degree from Tulane and her master’s in social work from Penn, she went on to become a social worker for the Delaware Department of Services for Children, Youth and Their Families. She is the former executive director of the Delaware Center for Justice, and launched a charitable clothing line, Livelihood, in 2017. In 2012 she married otolaryngologist and plastic surgeon Dr. Howard Krein. A longtime advocate, she has expressed that she will not hold a position in the administration but hopes to use

The Best Seamless Bralettes for All Cup Sizes

When it comes to fashion, very few things aggravate me more than visible underwear lines. In fact, it’s probably my number one styling pet-peeve. It’s definitely a make it or break it when I think about what makes a great outfit–even if I wear the fanciest of blouses or the most expensive of dresses, thick visible bra lines showing up underneath just ruins the facade. And if white tees make up a good portion of your weekly wardrobe like me, a good no-show bra is practically a necessity.

Enter the seamless bralette: this little lingerie MVP has truly been a lifesaver when it comes down to eliminating unsightly visible bra straps and cup lines. I used to think that bralettes could only work for smaller cup sizes, but brands like True & Co. and Knix are dispelling that theory. Many of the bralettes on the market right now offer amazing support and coverage for a wide variety of sizes, with the added benefits of truly seamless and underwire-free construction. So say goodbye to all of the throbbing and digging from underwire bras, and join the seamless bralette club–you’ll be glad you came. Keep scrolling to see and shop the favorites