Day: February 16, 2021

Burt’s Bees Releases Sustainability Impact, Goals Report – WWD

Burt’s Bees has unveiled its current sustainability initiatives — and its goals to reach by 2025.

In Burt’s Bees’ 2020 impact report, the brand detailed the progress it has made on the sustainability front since 2012. A few of the callouts include the average 50 percent recycled materials used across its packaging, the 99.6 percent natural origin average across the brand’s product portfolio, and its 100 percent recyclable packaging, either through its partnership with TerraCycle or via curbside. The brand has also donated $4.1 million in grants to “protect biodiversity,” according to the report, and as of January, is powered by renewable electricity.

Among the brand’s most ambitious plans for 2025 are reaching net-zero plastic. “We set those goals based on the most urgent global issues, where we’ve made progress, what we must be improving, and what our brand stands for. Where do all of those things intersect?” said Paula Alexander, director of sustainability at Burt’s Bees. “We’re going to take three steps to reach net-zero plastic: have the use of our virgin packaging materials reduced by one third by 2025, innovate in new ways to reduce plastic packaging, and start investing in waste collection or recycling credits.”


What Should I Research To Turn out to be A Fashion Designer?

Do you think trend designers are so cool? Aside from Disco types, women’s style within the late ’70s grew to become more relaxed. Garments grew to become baggier and more revealing and often resulted in an inverted triangle silhouette. To put collectively wardrobe for this style, look for cowl-neck shirts, sundresses over tight t-shirts, pantsuits, strapless tops, embroidered vests and denims, skirts, or Daisy Dukes. The colour pallet took a flip to extra earthy tones in browns, tan, grays, and light blues. Graduates of the BFA Trend Design are able to play a variety of roles inside the skilled field of trend, together with design, creative and analysis apply, styling, visible merchandising, textiles, advertising and public relations, and manufacturing.

Discover fashionable girls to comply with, whether or not it’s your favourite Instagram type star or somebody you recognize around you. Discover fashionistas whose fashion evokes you, then use their pictures as inspiration to assist plan your outfits. Undecided where to begin? Take a look at Instagram and Pinterest for limitless inspiration from trendy women. Should you’re motivated and would really like a possibility to be mentored and taught whilst you work by each industry leaders and academic professionals, the College …

Second Life Podcast: Grace Mahary

As Mahary’s modeling career took her around the world, her global perspective led her to her first major career pivot as she witnessed firsthand the many communities experiencing energy poverty. After an immersive, eye-opening trip to her parents’ hometown, Eritrea, Mahary made the decision to start the nonprofit organization Project Tsehighi, which translates to “sun” in Tigrinya, one of Eritrea’s national languages. Project Tsehighi provides sustainable solutions for communities with limited resources by decreasing inaccessibility and increasing sustainability by providing renewable energy solutions, like solar panels. Mahary’s mission is to use her voice to bring awareness to marginalized communities’ work and ultimately make a difference in their lives. “My whole approach to life and everything that I do has always been to equal out the playing field, and it’s always been important to me to leverage my platform to do that,” Mahary adds.

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