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Anine Bing has stepped into athleisure.

Aptly titled Anine Bing Sport, the Danish-born and Los Angeles-based designer is launching her first women’s collection in the category.

“It’s something I’ve been dreaming about for a few years now,” she said over the phone. “The timing had to be right, and it couldn’t be better timing than now, I feel like. First of all, people are spending more and more time at home, and they need comfortable but still fashionable things to wear and work out in.”

Many designers are turning to athleisure and activewear, reportedly the best-performing retail categories amid the coronavirus pandemic. For Bing, the new collection is very much in line with her overall aesthetic of creating modern, ready-to-wear essentials, a mix of European and Americana-influenced pieces.

While designing the new looks, Bing was inspired by ’90s paparazzi shots of the late Princess Diana. In the photographs, which regularly circulate on social media, the cultural icon pairs oversize sweatshirts with biker shorts. (“She had the best style, I think, and was so good at mixing different elements,” said the designer.)

Versatility was important to Bing, offering sweat-proof fabrics to work out in and “chic but comfortable” pieces to dress up, like throwing on a blazer over a sports bra. The new line includes a sports bra, sweatshirt and biker shorts, along with leggings, joggers and branded water bottle. Available at Anine Bing retail stores and on Jan. 19, the collection costs between $59 and $149.

The Anine Bing Sport line ranges in price from $59 to $149. 

“I also enjoyed designing from a mental health point of view…to boost women’s confidence,” said Bing of the new items. “I feel now is the time we all need to take care of ourselves and work out.”

A second athleisure drop will be unveiled later this year with summer styles that include a one-piece and accessories like hats. The brand will also launch its first sneaker.

“I dream big, and I have many more categories I want to add in the future,” said Bing, when asked about future plans. Along with clothing — from suiting separates to vintage-inspired denim — she designs shoes, bags, jewelry, sunglasses and has created two fragrances. “I love interior. I’m a big fan of beauty. There are many dreams, but at the same time, one step at a time.”

Anine Bing Sport

A first look at Anine Bing Sport. 

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