These Are the 25 Best New Fashion Items Right Now

As a fashion editor, I constantly have my eye on the latest emerging brands, trends that are gaining traction, and new items that are dropping at retailers. It’s my job to bring you the coolest finds and special pieces I think deserve a place in your wardrobe, which is why I’m rounding up all of them here in a column dedicated to the pieces I would personally put my money behind.

I also have a specific take on style that blends my penchant for minimalism on some days and maximalism on others, so you’ll find styles across the board here. The common thread? A mindset for supporting amazing design talent and only investing in pieces I plan on wearing for years to come. Here, let me take you on a virtual shopping trip, on which I’ll highlight all of the pieces I think are worthy of adding to your cart.

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The 28 Prettiest Pairs of Underwear on The Internet

You don’t have to wait around until Valentine’s Day to throw on your prettiest pair of underwear. Even if you only manage to get through the week in the same old joggers and t-shirt, nice underwear is like a secret confidence booster–even if you’re the only one who knows about it. Mud-masking and wearing a fancy-looking lingerie set on the couch happens to be one of my favorite forms of personal self-care–it’s the little moments that count.

Since curating my underwear collection has been another new year priority for me, beautiful, ornate panties have been particularly top of mind. After weeks of searching high and low, I’ve finally found the prettiest pairs I’m ready to click buy for right now. Whether you’re into intricate lace, seductive cut-outs, or charming colors, you’ll find every type of awe-inducing panties below. Buy them now as a treat for yourself, or get ahead start on your V-Day looks. 

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Second Life Podcast: Lilly Singh

In 2010 Lilly Singh was given an ultimatum: in order to forgo graduate school, she had to prove her passion for creating videos on YouTube could be transformed into a career. And, she did just that. Today, Singh is a leading content creator on YouTube, with her channel pushing 15 million subscribers featuring notable guest collaborators including Selena Gomez, Karlie Kloss, and Michelle Obama. However, Singh’s list of accolades does not stop there. Singh is a NYT bestselling author for her book, How to Be a Bause: A Guide to Conquering Life, she has been named one of TIME’s Most Influential People on the Internet and made Fast Company’s list of Most Creative People, and she started a production company, Unicorn Island, that is committed to bringing elevated storytelling to life what an emphasis on underrepresented voices. In 2019, Singh added another facet to her creative career: host and executive producer of her late-night talk show on NBC, A Little Late with Lilly Singh. As the only female host currently in late-night television, Singh is pushing the boundaries in her second season (which aired this January) through inspiring guests, comedic relief, and genuinely being herself. 

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6 Stylish Winter Outfits With Puffer Coats

I recently added a fresh puffer coat into my wardrobe. Specifically—Aritzia’s The Super Puff. I’m into it because it pairs flawlessly with the lounge looks I’ve been living in to give off that comfy yet chic vibe. On that note, I’ve also been spotting a range of fashion people showcasing stylish puffers on IG as well. In fact, many are wearing ensembles that I too may be interested in trying this season or will recommend to my friends when they’re looking for stylish winter outfit ideas.

The looks run the gamut, but are all highly versatile and easy to create. While many that I’m into feature the loungewear items I’ve been wearing, there are some that are a bit more dressed up which could be of interest as well. Intrigued? Keep scrolling to check out a range of sleek outfits featuring puffer coats. You’ll also uncover inspired shopping picks throughout as well in case you’re looking to add a new outerwear piece or another winter item into your wardrobe.

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The 8 Best Epilators for Easy Hair Removal

But you’ll want to be extra careful when using the device, as Rodney cautions that epilators can be very painful if misused. “Epilators also fail to address ingrown hairs and are not best for sensitive areas. You’ll need to find one that keeps your skin’s health and protection in mind,” she adds.

When using the device, Rodney recommends pulling the skin taut before passing the machine over it and avoiding goose bumps. Make sure you’re moving the device in the direction of hair growth, and don’t press too firmly on the skin or pass through quickly, as those two things may cause irritation.

As for who can use an epilator, it can work on all skin types, but if you have sensitive skin, you’ll want to be careful. If you have a severe skin condition, you may want to avoid it. Test on a small area at first, which will help you figure out if it’s right for you.

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Keratosis Pilaris Treatments That Actually Work

There is no cure for KP, but in many cases, it will go away in your 30s. While there’s no magic fix, there are some things you can do to manage it, which the experts outlined for us:

Take short, warm showers. Long, hot showers will strip the skin of its natural oils, Rodney says.

Use a humidifier at home. This will help in drier months.

Avoid harsh soaps. “These soaps contain surfactants that strip the skin and damage the protective skin barrier. Instead, I recommend using a moisturizing soap, like the white Dove bar, that directly hydrates the skin,” Rodney says. You should also avoid scrubbing the area with a rough paste or loofah, as they won’t work and might even aggravate the KP, MacGregor adds.

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