Low-Rise Pants Are Back—Here Are 12 Outfits We Love

Ready or not, low-rise pants are officially coming back. They’ve been looming in the distance for a while now with various celebs flaunting them from time to time, but I can confirm that 2021 is the year that the midriff-baring trousers are legitimately happening. (Cue the controversy.) Okay, before you try and cancel me for ushering in the next low-rise era, let me at least present the chic looks that I think you might just come around to.

On the S/S 2021 runways, designers presented a fresh take on the polarizing trend. At Dion Lee, low-slung trousers were part of a stunning 3-piece suit while at Miu Miu they were layered atop high-waisted briefs. Of course, celebs like Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski have been pioneering the low-rise look with their memorable street style ensembles and honestly, the sheer number of creative ways to style them has me convinced that maybe—just maybe—I could come around to the idea.

Whether you’ve been seeing them bubble up too or are simply curious to see the looks I don’t completely hate, keep reading for my favorite low-rise pant outfits from the runways, celebs, and Instagram.

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6 Knitwear Outfits Fashion People Are Wearing

When it comes to winter staples, knitwear pieces clearly reign supreme. After all, the functionality aspect is where it’s at when it comes to coziness and warmth. Given the vast majority of chic knit pieces out there right now, there’s also a major fashion aspect at play as well. On that note, we thought we’d highlight a few solid knitwear outfits style setters won’t stop wearing at the moment that are equal parts functional and fashionable.

Below you’ll uncover a series of popular outfit formulas that could be worth trying this season. We’re talking everything for simple yet stylish sweater ensembles, of-the-moment matching set vibes, and gorgeous layered looks. Keep scrolling for more. You’ll also notice a smattering of inspired shopping picks as well in case something catches your eye.

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6 Ways to Wear Skirts With Boots in 2021

While joggers paired with sneakers, slippers, or slides is certainly a go-to pairing at the moment, we thought there might be some interest down the road in garnering some chic outfit ideas to wear with skirts at some point. So that brings us to why we’re here today. That’s right. We’re here to showcase the best boot styles to wear with a variety of your favorite skirt silhouettes.

We scrolled through the feeds of some of our favorite fashion follows to highlight the looks in question. And yep, there’s quite a range of options coming your way. Below you’ll uncover chic ensembles featuring denim skirts and knee-high boots, midi skirts and chunky styles, and so on. Keep scrolling for more. You’ll also find a smattering of inspired picks to shop as well.

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10 Casual Date-Night Outfits That Don’t Try Too Hard

Remember when dating used to be grabbing drinks at a bar or meeting up at restaurants? Needless to say, things have changed. Dating is a weird, complicated affair when you’re mainly at home all the time, but with some effort and a little imagination, it’s still possible to capture that romantic mood. At least there’s a silver lining to a cozy, stay at home date–choosing an ensemble is way less complicated. For one, the need for fancy heels are much less of a priority, and if that Bolognese sauce stains your top halfway through the meal, no pressure–your closet is just around the corner. 

So what are some easy date-night outfits for a rendezvous at home? Don’t fret–we’ve got some ideas (10 to be exact) about how to achieve that wow factor  without the fuss. Whether you’ve been together for years or are at the start of a blossoming romance, these 10 outfits will make you feel right on the money. 

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20 Cute Plus-Size Lingerie Pieces That Influencers Love

Clothing really doesn’t get more personal than what you wear underneath. From the bust to hips, bodies are superbly unique in every way, which bares the question-why do so many lingerie brands use a one size fits all approach? Thankfully, more players within the intimates space have wised up to the body diversity and creativity women crave when it comes to their lingerie. With brands like Savage x Fenty and Playful Promises offering up a diverse range of sizes along with innovative, beautiful designs, it’s proof you don’t necessarily have to be an A cup to find beautiful pieces worth showing off.

Since most of us are likely shopping online from our couch versus visiting a store nowadays, a personal recommendation is an invaluable tool. In the interest of finding out the best of the best, I turned to some of my favorite fashion it-girls to figure out which brands offer up A+ lingerie for curvy bodies. From lacy bodysuits to keep-you-in sports bras, keep reading ahead for their top selects. 

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The 15 Best Bergamot Perfumes You’ll Want to Wear

The main goal when shopping for a perfume or fragrance is to make sure it smells good to you, right? Because of chemistry, some fragrances might smell different on you than they will on your best friend or your mom. And of course, scent is very subjective. Some people might be more drawn to woodsy, earthy scents, while others might opt for the lighter florals.

It also depends on mood and the vibe you want to put out there. For me, I like to spritz on a spicier fragrance for nights out (back when we could go out!). But in the daytime, I gravitate toward floral, citrus, and fresh perfumes. However, it’s not just about mood and giving off a certain aura. I realized recently that you can use fragrance as a form of self-care, too.

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