8 Comfortable Clothing Trends That Work for Everyone

Influencer Melissa Meyers and her daughter Rachel Meyers know what’s up in the style department. So naturally, we routinely turn to the duo for sartorial inspiration. You may remember this piece showcasing the shoe silhouettes they both love. On that note, while age has absolutely nothing to do with what you should or shouldn’t wear, their fashion perspective at 55 and 23 is always intriguing given that they both share similar wardrobe go-to’s.

With all of that in mind, we thought we’d ask them next to share the comfortable 2021 trends they both adore and think will work well for everyone given their cozy and versatile nature. After all, those comfy items are a must as we’re spending more time at home.

Keep scrolling to check out a few comfy items you may want to consider this year, complete with a range of visual and shopping inspo.

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The 25 Best Anti-Aging Skincare Products Loved by Celebs

We all know that person. You know, the one who looks like they’re 20, but they’re actually 40 or 50. The person who looks youthfully preserved in time and doesn’t really seem to have changed in the years that you’ve known them. They probably get carded all the time. And all you want to ask them is for their exact beauty-and-skincare routine—and also maybe what kind of witchcraft and sorcery they’ve been doing to have such perfect skin.

Listen, I know getting older is just a part of life. There’s no stopping it, but there’s also no shame in aging, either. I always like to think of it as getting wiser and more comfortable with myself each year. But I also don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting to protect your skin from some of the signs of aging: loss of elasticity, more sensitivity, fine lines, wrinkles, dryness, etc. You don’t really need to look far for products that will help in that department. There’s no shortage of lotions, serums, eye creams, and oils to preserve your skin. But the downside is a lot of them are expensive, and some might flat-out not work. 

So if you’re looking for 

The 20 Best Sweaters for Women We Love This Season

For fashion lovers, the start of winter is marked not by the first snowfall or below-freezing temperatures, but by the slow accumulation of new sweaters. From timeless oversized knits to trending items like sweater-vests, there’s always a new style, color, or silhouette to invest in each year. 

As a self-proclaimed sweater connoisseur, I have my eye on the below best sweaters for women 2021: cardigans, sweater-vests, polo sweaters, half-zips, going-out sweaters, and classic knits. While my closet is already brimming with too many cozy sweaters to count, I plan to make space for at least two to three of these new looks this season. 

Ahead, shop the best sweaters for women for 2021 and beyond.

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The 15 Best Noncomedogenic Moisturizers to Avoid Breakouts

You’ve probably heard the term before and thought it sounded good for the most part but didn’t really know much about it. “Simply put, a noncomedogenic product has been tested to not clog pores,” explains board-certified dermatologist Ife Rodney, MD, FAAD, of Eternal Dermatology and Aesthetics. “That means it’s less likely to cause acne. Though, this is not guaranteed. Dirt, dead skin cells, or sebum can clog the pores, causing acne. Comedogenic products—usually heavy or greasy—can also clog your pores. It’s important to note that noncomedogenic products won’t necessarily treat your breakouts. They just won’t contribute to the problem.”

While noncomedogenic products are helpful for just about anyone, those with oily, sensitive, or acne-prone skin will benefit the most from them, as these skin types can easily become clogged, which can lead to breakouts.

So what makes a product comedogenic? “Ingredients that are ‘pore clogging’ or comedogenic are found in many skincare products and makeup,” says board-certified dermatologist Jeremy Brauer. “The list of pore-blocking ingredients is long and includes various oils, alcohols, acids, butters, propylene glycol, and lanolins. Noncomedogenic products often contain salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, or sulfur but can also contain other oils such as grapeseed.”

The 17 Best Fashion Finds I Always Get Asked About

You know those pieces that you seem to get inquiries about every time you wear them? I’ve noticed that these items typically lean more toward closet staples than my ultra-trendy pieces, which always surprises me. It also slightly disappoints me when I’m jazzed about something new and people instead stop me to ask who makes the white T-shirt I’m wearing it with. I’ve chalked this up to practicality because when someone’s wearing a great wardrobe staple that you know you’ll wear over and over again, it’s worth doing some investigating.

Since there are quite a few items I constantly get asked about, I figured it might be worth sharing here so that if you find yourself in the market for any of these you have a direct confirmation from me that it’s worth buying. From the perfect white T-shirt to the most effortless wrap dress to the cropped sweatshirt that hits at just the right spot on your waist, below are the 18 best fashion finds in my closet that people always ask me about. 

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The 5 Best Size-Inclusive Fashion Brands for Women

It’s taken the fashion industry a long time to take steps towards size inclusivity. For an industry full of creativity, that’s one area that’s been quite slow to evolve. This has left many people with a lack of options, most of the time forcing them to choose less stylish pieces than they’d like. While many brands still haven’t taken those steps, there are many new and existing brands that have started championing inclusive sizing with high-quality, on-trend style offerings in recent years. 

From Reformation’s recent launch into extended sizing, offering its signature silhouettes and sustainable fabrics up to size 24 to Good American‘s 2016 debut denim line ranging between sizes 00–24, there are a few key brands doing the work and prioritizing inclusivity (without sacrificing style). Below are five of the best size-inclusive brands that are doing it so right, plus some of the best shopping picks from each. Here’s to hoping more brands soon follow in their stylish footsteps. 

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