These Best Stunning Nude Lip Colors For Dark Skin Tones

As a fashion editor, I always think of nude lip products in the context of a closet: they’re like the white t-shirt of your wardrobe–it’s not necessarily the most exciting thing in your collection, but it’s certainly the hardest working. For all it’s worth, choosing a nude shade isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Black women can probably understand this more than anyone: it’s taken decades for makeup companies to recognize the diverse range of deep and dark skin tones. Neutral shades marketed as “universal” nude lip colors generally skew ashy and wash out brown skin–so nope, that’s not doing us any favors. Thankfully the beauty industry is finally changing, but finding the perfect nude is still a science. 

I’m always asking fellow make up users for their personal recommendations, so I figured I’d get the scoop on the best neutrals out there. I asked 12 amazing Black women for their favorite nude lip products of all time, and let’s just say I’ve already added everything to my digital shopping cart. From peachy tones to chocolate brown hues (and of course more!), stay tuned for some incredible product suggestions.  

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